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This bracket does require drilling x2 holes into your roof rackAllows your antenna to swivel 90 degrees. This is incredibly useful for garages, parking garages, low hanging trees, tight trails, etc. It works on either side of the vehicle, in either directionProduct Info:

1/4 Aluminum - raw

3/8 grade 8 mounting hardware (requires 3/8" drilled hole in roof rack)

1/4" Quick release pin (requires 1/4" drilled hole in roof rack)

3/8 Hole on top-side of bracket to allow for multiple antennas to be mounted (Antenna mounting hardware not included)

*Recommended that your antenna has a spring installed to prevent any damage to antenna from trees/trails/etc.


INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS:*Use the bracket as a drilling template for your roof rack

Layout your bracket on your roof rack how you would like it oriented

Mark out the 3/8 hole for the swivel bolt and drill out in roof rack

Mark out the top 1/4 hole for your provided quick-release pin and drill out in roof rackMake sure your bracket is vertical with antenna pointing upwards

You want your holes in your roof rack to be snug and accurate to the bracket for the best fitment


DIY Roof Rack Antenna Swivel Mount

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