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STEP 1: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drive a stock 4WD vehicle?

Yes, we encourage stock rigs. These trips should be your testing grounds for new, existing or discovering the need for added equipment. Michigan's main base for Overlanding are a lot of beautiful forest roads so nothing intense...we do recommend that you bring at least a good set of All-Terrain tires for your rig.

I have a full-size truck, will it fit?

Dont be afraid of some silly Michigan pin stripping! There are some tight trails we will go on and provide no guarantee that you wont scratch up your rig, if we know prior to the trip that a full-size rig just simply wont fit we will post it on the event page...but otherwise come along and join us!

Can I bring a trailer?

Absolutely! We encourage you to Overland and join our trips in whatever manner you like. For certain events that we know trailers are not a good idea we will post them in each individual event page.

Do I need to have 4WD experience?

Our trips provide comfort and fun to every level of driver, this is Michigan after all so dont expect to find anything too intense.

What do I need to pack?

You are responsible for everything you need on our trips (Food, sleeping arrangements, recovery gear, etc.). We provide the trail leadership and that is all. If there is a medical emergency we do have mild first-responder equipment, anything larger and we will handle each situation accordingly. Our trips typically do not have bathroom arrangements either (So plan for #2 appropriately).

Are my passengers free?

You can bring as many family members and friends as you would like with no additional cost!

How much does it cost?

Currently we are charging per event. Most events are $5 which covers your registration fee. 




STEP 2: Find an Event you can join us on!

No upcoming events at the moment
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