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Fuel up the truck, grab some snacks, pack a sleeping bag and let's explore Michigan! 

New Holland Overland is a vehicle-based guide service operating in Michigan since 2018. Since then our team of overlanders have logged thousands of miles of adventures in Michigan and we would like to re-discover and share many of those miles and waypoints with you!



Can I drive a stock 4WD vehicle?

Yes, we encourage stock vehicles! These trips should be your testing grounds for new, existing or discovering the need for added equipment. Some events do have vehicle requirements however (Tire size, ground clearance, recovery points, etc.). If there is a trip we know a stock vehicle wont be enough we will post it in the specific event. We encourage each and every rig to be equipped fully with their own personal recovery gear. 

I have a full-size truck, will it fit?

Sure, 75% of the trails we do itll fit, based on your vehicle's width you might leave with some good ole Michigan pin-striping. If there is a trip where we know a full-size truck wont fit then we will post it in the specific event.


Can I bring a trailer?

We love trailers! Most of the trails we do however can get technical in certain sections and also the trails can get very tight, so plan accordingly at your own risk.


Do I need to have 4WD experience?

With exception to our 6 day trips, no, we'll help with general instructions. Guests with very little or no offroad driving experience should expect to leave feeling confident in their new skill set.


What do I need to pack?

You are responsible for all of your gear, food, sleeping arrangements, etc. for the trip. The only thing that New Holland Overland is providing are guide services throughout the trails/routes. 


Can I bring my family, pets, girlfriend?

The more the merrier! We love it when families come along and also your furry friends. Due to the nature of the trails/routes we go on, typical bathrooms are not available so you should plan accordingly for your own dispersed outdoor bathroom situations as needed. 

How much does it cost?

FREE! We dont charge for any of our trips since it is all on public land and you are responsible for everything you take in and out. However we do accept, but not expect, donations/tips for the efforts put into organizing and pre-running/mapping out all the trail systems. 

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