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The 7-pin connector on your trailer does not have the large enough gauge wire to correctly charge your batteries from your vehicle. To properly charge your trailers dual batteries in your camper you will need a REDARC DC-DC system. Our kit provides you the necessary components and pre-assembled wiring for your trailers vehicle charging system. 

Kit Includes:

  • 40amp Fuses (x2) - One for trailer, one for your vehicle
  • Trailer side - Anderson Plug w/ 8ga wiring
  • Vehicle side - Anderson w/ 8ga wiring
    • The wiring length provided is 25ft

*It is highly recommended you have this kit installed by a professional shop who is familiar with 12V vehicle electronics

Instruction's can be found on our Instructions page here

OGT Expedition& Pando REDARC DC-DC Wiring Kit

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