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*Windshield Banners are made to order

Represent your favorite company with the all new NHO windshield banner! Made in the USA.

The windshield banner is oversized so you can trim it to your preferred length.

Satin Black Banner size: 6" x 60"

Logo size: 1.25" x 30" (Logo is a seperate vinyl piece)

  • Dark Grey Text, Orange Bear Center Logo


  1. Clean windshield so no debris and is squeaky clean
  2. Measure how far down you want your windshield banner to go (We measured 4" on the edges in our product photos)
  3. Spray soapy water or glass cleaner on windshield before laying down vinyl
  4. Lay down the Satin black 6"x60" vinyl on the "wet" windshield (This allows you to move around your banner)
  5. Once aligned, start in the middle of the banner and work outward applying even pressure to squeeze out the liquid underneath. Once finished, use a razor blade to run along the edge of your windshield to trim the windshield banner.
  6. LOGO INSTALL: Find the center of the windshield, you can use painters tape to mark out an even line along your recently installed satin black banner. Peal back transer tape and apply the logo. *BE CAREFUL - THE VINYL WILL BE VERY STICKY AND CAN BE FRAGILE WITH THE SMALL LETTERS. Once applied, SLOWLY peel back the transfer tape and your finished!

    *Replacement satin black vinyl is available for purchase. Please email us if you need a replacement piece.

NHO Windshield Banner - North America Exploration Vehicle

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