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The HEST Pillow has a ton of technical features and tidy details wrapped into a tiny portable pillow package.  It's durable, clean, and best of all, ready to go anywhere your head goes.  Perfect for sleeping on airplanes, road trips, AirBnB's, motels, tent camping, van life, or for nightly use.  The Temperature resilient memory foam will keep your head in the clouds while the durable and pack-into-itself feature will keep it clean while you play.

ENDED FILL - MEMORY FOAM AND POLYESTER:. Our blend of shredded enhanced memory foam and polyester offer the support of a home pillow.


STRETCH WOVEN NYLON SLEEP SURFACE: Super soft touch surface that conforms to all head sizes and sleeping positions.


CUSTOMIZABLE LOFT: Zippered access to adjust desired fill from the standard medium plush loft.


SUPPORTIVE CURVED SHAPE:. Contoured profiles rests in the neck and keeps pillow in place when sleeping.


INTEGRATED STOW WITH ZIPPER: The travel cover allows the pillow to be stuffed into a smaller size within the protected cover to keep the sleeping surface clean.


CARRY LOOP: Easy carry loop for clipping and hands-free movement for any adventure.


DIRT & WATER RESISTANT COVER: PU-coated nylon cover to keep the pillow protected during travel.


REMOVABLE & WASHABLE COVER: Remove fill and liner from cover and machine wash the cover. Poof!

HEST Pillow

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