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REDARC’s jump start ready dual battery kit is the perfect setup for people wanting to charge auxiliary batteries and have peace of mind in case of start battery failure.

This dual battery setup offers everything you need if you’re looking to run things like fridges, inverters and other 12v devices. While the jump start capability means in the event that your start battery is advertently discharged, you have the ability to easily jump start your vehicle at the push of a button.


The 25amp BCDC will help to charge your batteries (60 to 200Ah*) while you’re on the move, and features green power priority if you want to add a solar blanket or portable solar panel down the track to help you harness the sun’s energy to get batteries back to 100% charge when you’re setup at camp. 


What’s inside?


This jump start ready dual battery charging kit has everything you may need to install into your vehicle before taking off on your next weekend getaway or camping trip.

These include:

-          A 25amp DC to DC battery charger (BCDC1225D) to connect and charge your batteries

-          A 40amp fuse kit (FK40) required for self-installation

-          A smart battery isolator (SBI12) to link the batteries for jump starting

-          A 100amp fuse kit (FK100) to protect the heavy wiring between the batteries

-          2 x fuse to battery cables for easy installation 


If you’re unsure of what the best dual battery setup is to suit your vehicle or travel plans, use the REDARC weekend escapeoff-grid charger or remote touring dual battery charging kits.


*Check battery specifications for current limits


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