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PRE-ORDER (Expecting to ship in June)

Fits 3rd gen Tacoma's only


If you need expanded storage space inside your Tacoma, we have the largest overhead molle storage for the backseats of your 3rd gen Tacoma. Not only is this molle, but it doubles as a shelf for storing soft goods such as coats, blankets, recovery gear, etc. This panel also has mounting slots along the sides to provide you locations for mounting external speakers, firearms, fire extinguishers, quick fists and more.

From our research this is the largest overhead molle for your Tacoma, and from experience it is also the strongest since we utilize the rear coat hangars to help secure the middle of the panel.

Built from 1/8 aluminum, powdercoated in fine texture black
*Includes mounting hardware

Install Instructions:

  1. Remove both driver and passenger grab handles including the metal clip
  2. Remove rear coat hangars including metal clip
  3. Insert provided rubber plug nuts
  4. Hold up molle panel and insert provided hardware through panel into rubber plug nuts (This is easiest with 2 people, one person on each side of vehicle to hold up panel since it is large)
    • TIP: The rubber plug nuts will expand and secure your molle panel as the bolt is tightened down... DO NOT OVERTURN BOLTS as this can hurt the rubber plug nut. If you need replacement plug nuts we do sell those as replacement parts
    • The reason we use rubber plug nuts is it helps reduce vibration and noise on the molle panel

3rd Gen Tacoma - Overhead Molle Panel

Expecting to ship in June
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