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After a few customer's came in with bent frame mounts for their front bumper, we went ahead and developed our own front bumper reinforcement plate. The plates are 3/16 steel and will weld directly over your existing bumper mounts. Using these mounts you can get rid of the larger frame reinforcement brackets that interfere with aftermarket reservoir mounts as well.

There is no need to remove the existing bolts if you want a quick solution to reinforce your front bumper. Optional grade 8 hardware is available if you want to bust out your oem bolts for something much stronger (Requires welding new grade 8 bolts to frame mount)

Clean frame surface to bare metal. Weld complete around new mounting plates, including vertical slots in the middle of the plate. Place side gusset on the rear of the oem mount to reinforce further. Sand smooth for clean fitment, and paint to protect.

Fits 2003-2023 Tacoma

*Photos coming soon


  • (x2) 3/16 reinforcement plates
  • (x2) Side Gussets
  • Optional grade 8 hardware (M10 x 1.25)

2nd/3rd Gen Tacoma Front Bumper Reinforcement Plates

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