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Here you'll find the best and most equipped stub style roof rack for your Tacoma! Fully built from aluminum, and riv-nuts installed for single sided installation (You can assemble the rack for install in less than 5 minutes).

Everything comes powdercoated satin black.

We are currently prototyping and developing so please be patient as we upload more information.

Roof rack is able to fit: 

  • 40" Lightbar
  • Maxtrax
  • Pelican BX140R Cargo Case (Can drill to mount, or use Pelican's no-drill mount)
    • Pelican mounts are spaced 7.25" apart to accomodate Agency6 aluminum handles
  • GMRS / Ham / Weboost Antenna mounts
  • Integrated limb riser mounts

No ETA for shipping at this moment, if you are interested and want to get on our list for purchasing please email us at:

2016+ Tacoma Stubby Roof Rack

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