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  • VERSATILITY - The Trailblazer is designed to function as a camp stove, campfire, or grill all in one compact package. Burn using wood, sticks, charcoal, or wax logs.
  • PERFECT BURNS - Using our patented Fire Mesh Technology your fires and fuel will burn hotter and more efficiently than traditional pits. By allowing airflow in from underneath the fuel we allow the maximum amount of oxygen into your coals.
  • PORTABILITY REDEFINED - We pushed the limits of material engineering and design to get the Trailblazer's weight down to just 3.2lb. When packed, the Trailblazer is about the size of a standard thermos, but its intuitive design opens up much like a camp chair to host a 12"x12" burn area, perfect for 1-4 people.
  • SIMPLE - The Trailblazer prides itself on its simplistic yet rugged design. There are no fasteners or bolts to lose and no tools to fumble with at night. The Trailblazer's patented cross-braced design gives it a low center of gravity for stability on windy nights or elevated surfaces.
  • FIRESIDE - The Trailblazer comes with a lifetime warranty on its frame, sides and grill. The Fire Mesh comes with a 1 yr/ 50 fire minimum guarantee

Trailblazer Kit

SKU: CB005
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