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Trail-Gear Rock Assault 6-Ply Limit Straps

Trail-Gear introduces the industry’s first 6-layer, 1.75” nylon webbing limit straps. Each strap features 4130 heat-treated Chromoly Steel buckles that have been zinc-plated for corrosion-resistance and ½” mounting holes. These straps are made from 9,000 lb. test nylon straps and offer minimal stretch to protect against full extension and possible breakage of the shocks on even the most extreme terrain. Anti-abrasion clips have been installed in each buckle to minimize wear. Strap lengths are measured from the center of the mounting holes and are guaranteed accurate to +/- ¼”. When selecting, choose a limit strap that is 1” shorter than the shock to prevent full extension and possible breakage of shock.


**Sold individually.

Trail-Gear Rock Assult 6-Ply Limit Straps

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