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2-3 week lead time

This kit is designed to limit the droop travel of your front suspension by using limit straps. Limit straps act as the stop when your suspension is at full droop versus your shocks which causes them to eat through inner seals. In addition to adding limit straps, we give you a properly shanked lower shock bolt that replaces the OEM bolt that toyota uses. By replacing the lower shock bolt it helps your shocks spherical bearings last longer, and gives you additional bolt space for your limit straps.

Fits: Tacoma, 4Runner, FJ (Other vehicles may fit with this kit, please measure your own suspension to verify)

*To verify measurements, measure from Eye of lower shock bolt to the eye of the clevis bolt (remember your clevis is adjustable). Also remember that per 12" of strap there is typically about 1" of stretch. If you have questions please dont hesitate to reach out to us.

*This kit does require welding to your frame, please have a professional shop install**

Kit Includes:

8" Trail-Gear Limit Strap (x2)

Weld-in Clevis mounts (x2)

M14 Lower Shock Bolt/Washers/Nuts (x2)

Aluminum Spacer for limit straps (x2)

Toyota Front Limit Strap Kit

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