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**IMPORTANT - New hitch extension orders will not include a recovery point. Disregard in photo'sLooking to add bikes or additional gear to the back of your Off Grid Trailers Expedition rig? Checkout our new hitch extension! Built from 2"x.120 steel material, gusseted for added strength and safety.

3-4 week lead time


Product Info:

Built from 2" x .120 Steel

Powdercoated fine wrinkle black

Includes (x1) anti-wobble hitch pin (Requires wrench for installation)


For bike racks, it is preferred to use a similar 2-bike rack as shown in the photos...a "Platform" style bike rack. I would not recommend anything more than a 2-bike simply because of the canti-levered weight on the hitch of the trailer itself.


IMPORTANT: This trailer hitch extension is limited to 100lb carrying weight, or a 2-bike platform rack configurationIMPORTANT: The hitch and frame design of the trailer is not designed to be used as a recovery point. DO NOT USE YOUR HITCH AS A RECOVERY POINT.

OGT Expedition - Hitch Extension

  • Due to the cantilevered nature of the hitch extension design, the weight limit for the extension is limited to 100lb's. If you exceed this weight limit you are responsible for reinforcing the hitch of your trailer, and providing additional side/wobble support for the hitch and whatever your carrying.

  • Provided with your extension is an anti-wobble clamp which requires a wrench for installation. The anti-wobble is grade 8, so incredibly strong and shouldn't rust.

    It is highly recommended that after the first 30 minutes of driving you check the anti-wobble hitch pin to make sure everything is still snug. I also recommend checking the anti-wobble every 500+ miles (More often if you are off-road with the trailer). 

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