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1-2 week lead time

Tired of having branches and twigs smack your windshield head-on when going through those super tight trails? Limb risers help provide you a solution to help guide the branches and other low hanging folliage over the hood and windshield. Helping to prevent against cracked and broken windshields. Our kit comes with all stainless hardware so no rust! And it includes a carabiner on the top mount for quick-release of the risers for opening your hood, or removing quickly when not on the trail.



3/16 Stainless Steel Black Nylon Coated Cable

Stainless Steel Turnbuckles

Stainless Steel carabiners

Stainless Steel vehicle mounts (upper and lower)

Grade 8 hardware for mounting lower mount

Black Paint protection for hood edge


If you have a gobi roof rack this kit will not work


This product is a "Fits most" with roof racks. If you are having issues with cable length, please contact us.


IMPORTANT: The lower mount of our limb riser kit slides in between the fender and hood bodywork of your vehicle. PLEASE make sure you use some edge protection on the bodywork otherwise you risk scratching the paint.


IMPORTANT: You must have an aftermarket roof rack in order for the upper mount to be able to mount to something. This kit WILL NOT fit OEM-BARE roof applications

2nd/3rd Gen Tacoma Limb Riser Kit

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