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Limiting Strap Clevis Kit

Looking for an easy way to mount your limit straps? Trail Gear is now offering a Clevis Kit for your limiting straps in both a single and multiple strap configurations. Our Clevis kits are made out of Super Metal Chromoly Steel which exceeds Grade 8 specifications and are zinc-plated to prevent corrosion.  The clevis shank is fully threaded for easy adjustment. The Clevis is provided with zinc-plated steel spring to accommodate for change in limit strap length due to stretching.  The bushings are stainless steel and are available in two different configurations. The single configuration allows for mounting one limit strap. The multiple configuration allows for mounting up to two Trail-Gear 6-ply Limit Straps or up to three 4-ply limit straps. All mounting hardware is Grade 8 and zinc-plated. These are the same clevis kits used on “Tweaky”, our KOH/Ultra4 race buggy.

There is no other Limiting Strap Clevis Kit on the market that compares. This is the only Grade 8 clevis on the market!!!


Available options:

  • Super Metal Limiting Strap Clevis Kit, Single Strap, 300773-KIT
  • Super Metal Limiting Strap Clevis Kit, Multiple Straps, 300774-KIT

Clevis Mount

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