2nd/3rd Gen Tacoma DIY Rear Bumper Build Parts
  • 2nd/3rd Gen Tacoma DIY Rear Bumper Build Parts

    These are for you DIY-ers that wanna build your own rear bumper! Using 1.75" Round Tubing for the rest of the bumper, with a 2x2" square tube hole for reinforcing your hitch and the rest of the bumper. This style bumper is designed to keep things lightwight, but providing necessary recovery points and protection on the trail.

    Lead time is 2-3 weeks
    *Parts ship raw steel

    Steel Laser cut parts include:

    • (x2) 3/8" Frame Mounting Plates
    • (x2) 3/8" Frame Recovery Reinforcement Plates
    • (x2) 1/4" Safety Chain Mounts
    • (x1) 1/8" Trailer Power Port Mount
    • (x4) 1/8" Lighting Mounts


    *Tire swingout parts not included. Only parts included are whats stated above and the first photo in the gallery showing the laser cut parts.


    **Modification to the parts may be required, since every vehicle is built just a twinge different

    If you have questions, please contact us:
    Email: Newhollandoverland@gmail.com
    Phone: 734-558-6601

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