20' x 3" Yank™ Recovery Strap
  • 20' x 3" Yank™ Recovery Strap

    20' X 3”  Yank™ recovery strap.

    The YANK™ 20' Strap is ideal for pulling anything, that's why its our best seller. Made from 100% polyester you'll need to grab a hold with both hands unless you have a chainsaw in your other hand.  The end loops are reinforced with added nylon material to protect the inner core similar to body armor but not bullet proof.  Max load rating on the YANK™ 20' strap is 30,000 lbs. with a working load of 10,000 lbs.  

    You'll be satisfied with every YANK™, that's why every YANK™ strap comes with a limited lifetime guarantee against failure.  

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