“The Original Fire Reflector” by M.C.Ranch Overland. Patent pending. Designed to enhance and improve on all aspects of the campfire and the outdoor cooking experience. Using the principles of a parabolic arc and the properties of aluminum. It reflects heat exponentially back to the user or users keeping them warm and cozy. It also reflects light into your campsite creating a bright, engaging and warming glow. Allowing you to navigate your campsite and feel the dynamics of the light, creating energy and community. The “Original Fire Reflector” also creates a controlled environment to enhance cooking by controlling wind and air flow. Cradling your fire, hibachi or cooking device to maximize your fuel resources and not allowing them to burn uncontrollably in the wind. When you walk around the back side of the “Original Fire Reflector”. You can more easily tend to your food while cooking or perhaps tend to your fire or BBQ without having to approach the open fire directly. The strong and lightweight aluminum construction of the “Original Fire Reflector” weighs in at a mere 27 lbs. Neatly folded, the reflector stows away into it’s 1000 Cordura military grade carrying case. Desert Tan on the outside and reflective orange on the inside.

Each one of the “Original Fire Reflectors” and carrying cases are custom made in Canada. The reflectors are CNC machined with water jet, then hand finished and assembled. The robust carrying cases are also handmade. The reflector is designed to last a lifetime acting as the arena or theater for sharing stories, making memories and enhancing our collective community… One campfire at a time.